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Peroxide Based Spotter

Oxi-Moxie is a super aggressive, crystallizing, encapsulating spot/stain remover that effectively removes most organic spots/stains. After cleaning the stained area to remove excess contamination, it should be applied using a trigger sprayer. Its stain removal qualities is provided by the hydrogen peroxide it contains. It not only removes stubborn spots and stains, but it also prevents them from coming back with its excellent anti-resoiling agents. It is a perfect combination of low pH, aggressive surfactant technology, encapsulating polymers and stain removing hydrogen peroxide.

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How To Use

  • Clean stained area to remove excess contamination.
  • Saturate by liberally applying Oxi-Moxie with a trigger sprayer. Agitate and blot clean. Lightly reapply & walk away.
  • Note: Covering the area with plastic will improve performance (Works best in the final stage of drying as it releases its stain removing oxygen.)




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