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Hot Knife X-Treme

Hot Knife X-Treme

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Grease-Cutting Encapsulation

Hot Knife X-treme is the world’s most powerful crystallizing encapsulation detergent. It does not contain any butyl or other possibly harmful chemicals and is very environmentally friendly... over 99.7% readily biodegradable and has a very light, pleasant scent.

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  • It has exceptional grease cutting power and cleansing action which penetrates, breaks up and emulsifies the oily film that binds dirt particles to carpet and upholstery fibers.
  • Its grease and oil cutting power is especially important when cleaning "Oil-Loving" fibers such as Olefin and Polyester.


  • Crystallizing Encapsulant
  • High foam... pH 9.3 at 1:32
  • pH safe for Stain Resist Carpet
  • Advanced surfactant technology
  • No alcohols, butyls, terpenes, etc.
  • No sticky residue to attract dirt
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Light pleasant scent




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