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Perfect For Residential and Small Commercial

Genuine Austrian 15" Counter Rotating Brush machine designed for the full time carpet cleaner, janitorial or maid service company and for companies with their own-in-house cleaning staff.  The TM4 will clean over 800 square feet per hour of very dirty carpet.  It will scrub deep in the carpet picking up dirt and debris or dry compound. It weighs approximately 53lbs and is easily maneuvered.  It is great for carpet encapsulation cleaning, dry compound cleaning, pre-scrubbing, pile lifting, pre or post vacuuming, carpet grooming and, tile and grout cleaning.  Comes with 1 set of brushes, dirt receptacles, dust covers, and transport dolly.  Brush speed is 470 rpms.


One Year Warranty - Parts & Labor



  • Made in Austria
  • Extremely Low Maintenance
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Legendary Durability
  • Minimal Training Required
  • Lightweight for easy handling (53lbs)
  • Machines have a 20+ year track record for quality
  • User Serviceable
  • Low Noise Level
  • Original Renovator Catch Tray Concept
  • Optional tandem accessory can link 2 machines for wider areas


  • Brush Cleaning Width: 15″
  • Weight: 53lbs.
  • Motor: 800W/110V/60hz
  • Amps: 8
  • Brush Rotation: 470


When we introduced this concept, it completely redefined what a CRB machine was capable of doing. These catch trays perform two very important functions within the cleaning process- dry soil removal and dry compound removal. Use of these trays on a CRB machine will enable the user to extract particulates from the carpet fibers at a rate far superior to a vacuum.

Since pre vacuuming a carpet is the most neglected chore of any establishment, unaddressed dry soil can build up over time and can account to almost 75-80% of the overall soil load in carpet. The most common components of dry soil are very abrasive particulates, which are the real culprits in damage to traffic lanes.

This soil component causes carpets to “ugly out” before the actual lifespan of the carpet has been realized. Since dry soil is extracted from the carpet before chemistry application has occurred, much better results are attained at the completion of the overall cleaning process as well as an extension of the carpets useful life.

Coupled with Renovator Technology, there is no better way to deep clean a carpet. These machines are ideal for scrubbing encapsulation cleaners, removal of dry compound cleaners, as well as agitation of chemicals prior to hot water extraction. They will pull dirt, hair and other residue out of the carpet that even the best vacuums would have no chance of removing. They will also double as a pile lifter and carpet groomer, leaving a signature look your customers will love.

CRB machines deliver amazing results on both residential and commercial carpet and with it's dual counter rotating cylindrical brushes, it will agitate the carpet fibers and break up tough soils like no other machine on the market.


Smart Cleaning Solutions Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Paul M.
Fantastic Cleaning Machine

This machine is what every carpet cleaner should have in their toolbox. This is the best investment I have ever made, and I highly recommend it to fellow Carpet Cleaners.

Paul R.

I absolutely love the machine. It's a huge step up from my sebo. But above all of that, the service I received from smart cleaning was world class and they went above and beyond to help me. Thanks guys!

Hayden B.

Bought the TM4 with standard blue brushes (great for polly and mix fibre carpets. I also purchased the soft white brushes which are great for more delicate wool, loop pile carpets and some rugs. The only thing I’m annoyed about, is that I didn’t buy one earlier. As a pile lifter and agitation machine it’s superb, I’ve seen some stains just disappear as I’ve been agitating. streets ahead of the Sebo (which is now gathering dust in the garage). Extremely happy with this machine and the service from Smart Solutions.

Rodger Z.
Top Notch

Used the tm4 for the 1st time. After using my vacuum I used the tm4 and couldn't believe down much soil it was able to lift. Then using it for agitation you could instantly see it making the solution work as carpet was noticeably cleaner with each pass. Highly recommended. Brilliant machine. And equally brilliant company. Thanks guys.

Chris K.
Game Changer

It's the best thing I ever bought. The results you get from it is amazing.