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Maxx Pro 1500 (Formerly Durrmaid Super 1700)

Maxx Pro 1500 (Formerly Durrmaid Super 1700)

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Housing - 3 years, Mechanical & Electrical - 1 year Limited

The Maxx Pro 1500 Extractor & Wet Dry Vacuum does double duty! It works as a powerful hot water extractor and a wet/dry vacuum. No need for two separate machines! A 60 psi water pump and enhanced suction distinguish it from other portable hot water extractors. For detailers and do-it-yourselfers, the Maxx Pro 1500 Extractor and Wet/Dry Vacuum is one versatile, cost-effective carpet cleaning machine.

Available with or without Heat


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  • Heats water to 190 degrees F. within minutes!
  • Maintains high temperatures during use.
  • Excellent for spotting, upholstery and high traffic lanes.
  • Strongest vacuum offered in the industry... 102 inches!


  • 3" swivel casters
  • Wide wheel base prevents tip-overs
  • Plug in for standby operation and maintain constant 200 degree heat!
  • Easy to fill and empty
  • Heavy duty
  • Super compact and lightweight
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Life long polyethylene body
  • Panel lights indicate when the heating cycle reaches maximum operating temperature
  • Automatic thermostat continues to maintain constant hot water during standby conditions
  • Operates under 15 amps
  • 2 Gallon Fresh Tank / 2.5 Gallon Waste Tank
  • 60psi
  • Free Upholstery Tool!
  • 7.5ft Vac and Solution Hose


The Maxx Pro 1500 Mini Hot Water Extractor has a capacity of 2.1 gallons, making it incredibly light and user-friendly. This mini extractor heats the water to 190 degrees, which quickly breaks down greasy soil to release it from your vehicle’s carpet and upholstery.

Its Wet Dry Vacuum fulfills your need for a powerful wet/dry vac and a high performance hot water extractor. If you're in the business of detailing, this saves you an expense because you're only buying one machine to do two jobs. The Maxx Pro 1500 does both jobs very well. In fact, it has a 23% more powerful vacuum motor! (equates to 120 CFM and 102" of Lift) If you're looking for a hot water extractor and shop vac in one, this is it.

It has a capacity of 2.1 gallons, making it incredibly light and user-friendly for a professional grade extractor. The Max Pro 1500 features 3 inch heavy duty casters, which give you more maneuverability when cleaning carpet in a vehicle, boat, RV, or carpet spotting at home.

It is the ONLY portable extractor with a 200 psi water pump! No other hot water extractor combines a compact size with such impressive cleaning power. The water pump delivers hot water to the carpet to break up spots and stains quickly, even stubborn, greasy stains!

The Maxx Pro 1500 Extractor & Wet Dry Vacuum has an easy-access control panel just behind the handle, including a water level indicator light and a heater light. Once the water tank is filled, it takes about 15 minutes to heat. and it maintains that heat as you work.


  • Capacity: 2.5 gallon waste tank
  • 2 Gallon Solution Tank
  • Dimensions: 20 3/4”L x 12 3/4”W x 20 3/4”H
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Compatibility: Water-based solutions only
  • 2-stage high performance vacuums
  • 1500 watts of heating
  • 15’ attached cord
  • 7 1/2’ Vacuum Hose
  • 7 1/2’ Solution Hose
  • Includes Stainless Steel Upholstery Tool

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Gabe O.
Great machine

I'm a detailer and the super 1700 is a must have for a detailer. Best carpet extractor on the market. Definitely have multiple happy customers. Would recommend the super 1700 to anyone.

Robert F.
Very responsive

Good experience. Very responsive team.

Ron V.
Super 1700

Aside, the fact that it took two weeks to get, due to poor weather conditions. I think this was a good buy and have already used it . Works great for what I needed. Small compact with alot of power!!!

John M.
Excellent support

Spoke with Dennis and he answered ALL of my questions and more. Very happy with my purchase.

Kervin N.
RE: [****]

Mr. London was excellent in providing great customer service