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Commercial Magic

$ 59.75


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ZERO dirt attracting residue!

High PH Cystallizing Commercial Encap


Commercial Magic is a super aggressive, crystalizing, encapsulating pre-spray that slices through grease and soil. It was formulated to address the cleaning challenges when nothing else will get the job done.




Product Details


  • Formulated for low moisture systems to clean commercial carpet with outstanding results!
  • Great for Restaurants, Trashed Apartments, etc.
  • Cleans even better than our ever popular Grease Hawg, plus it has the added benefits of Crystallization and an extra anti-resoiling, protective polymer to help carpets stay clean even longer!
  • Super aggressive; slices through grease and soil like a hot knife through butter.
  • Highly concentrated & economical... For heavy soil, one gallon makes 64 gallons of cleaning solution... Only cost pennies per gallon!
  • Utilize in Low Moisture systems. Might be too foamy for some Hot Water extraction systems.
  • pH is approx 11-12 at 1:32 dilution.
  • Pleasant scent scent at use dilution.
  • Freeze-Thaw Stable.


Commercial Magic was designed to clean the filthiest of synthetic fibers, but it should NOT be used to clean Stain Resist fibers still under warranty or any fibers requiring a cleaning solution with a pH below 12.


Best-In-Industry Guarantee

Revolutionize Your Carpet Cleaning with VacAway's Advanced Encapsulation Products that are guaranteed to exceed the performance of our competitors!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of encapsulation carpet cleaning?

  • Rapid Dry times. (Very low moisture is used)
  • Less disruption for your clients. (No hoses, loud equipment, or slow drying times)
  • Much less expensive equipment is needed. (More profit for you)
  • Carpets stay cleaner longer. (No sticky residue with anti-wicking acrylic polymer)
  • Much less labor intensive. (More profit for you)
  • Much fewer wicking issues. (Low moisture and anti-wicking acrylic polymer)
  • Less environmental impact (No dirty water to discharge into sewers/drains)

What is the difference between a "Film Former" and a "Crystallizer?"

The main difference is easier to understand when the two types of encaps are dried down in shallow dishes and placed side by side. Here is a short video demonstration.
In the video, we simply added 20% additional polymer to our film-forming product, “Dirt-Axe.” The additional polymer converted the regular formula of “Dirt-Axe” from being a “Film Former” to becoming a “Crystallizer.”

NOTE: We only sell Dirt-Axe as a film former to keep its cost low. The video was produced only to show the difference between the two types of encaps.

Crystallizers are better at removing sticky residue left from previously applied cleaning products. They also effectively render sugary/sticky substances that have accumulated in the carpet (i.e., soda spills) non-sticky. Once they are rendered non-sticky, they can be easily vacuumed away.

Why is a crystallizer better than a film former at removing sticky residue?
Because a good crystallizing formula will contain “MORE EXCESS POLYMER” than that of a film former.

By “MORE EXCESS POLYMER,” we mean the amount of polymer in the formula beyond the amount needed to render its other ingredients non-sticky.

Many ingredients used to create a good cleaning formula are inherently sticky themselves. If not completely removed or somehow rendered non-sticky, they can be the cause of rapid re-soiling of carpeting and upholstery.
The EXCESS polymer is left to mix with sticky substances in the carpet and render them non-sticky. They will then no longer be able to attract dirt and will be vacuumed away during routine vacuuming.

Remember that most Film Formers also contain a certain amount of excess polymer to fight stickiness, but not nearly as much as Crystallizers.

NOTE: Crystallizers, in general, are usually more expensive than Film Formers due to their higher cost to produce.

Some encap distributors only sell Film Formers to keep their costs low and therefore be able to have more competitive pricing. As the old adage says, “You Usually Get What You Pay For.” We make both types available. Some formulas can only be produced as Film Formers due to the other types of ingredients used in the formula.

What are your best cleaners for the "nasties" such as Restaurants, Apartments, etc.?

  1. Commercial Magic (Best for low moisture use on carpets not under warranty. Has a high pH. It might be a bit too foamy for Hot Water Extraction.) It is an excellent Crystallizer.
  2. Xtraction Magic (Best for Hot Water Extraction. Has a high pH, but has less foam than Commercial Magic.) Also great for Low Moisture use. It is a Film Former.
  3. Formula 357 (Best for use for carpets under warranty. Has pH less than 10.) It is an excellent Crystallizer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Diane Baker

It did a great job

Michael Harris
Fast and reliable

Great products and service

john Borreson
My favorite encap

It gets a little strong to breathe sometimes- it is mild compared to some. I just ware a cloth mask seems to do the trick. It’s a real awesome chemical for real dirty commercial carpet!!

Michael C.
Chemical Review

Easy to understand and use. They worked GREAT. Will definitely be using a d ordering them again.


Commercial Magic

From $ 59.75

Commercial Magic is a super aggressive, crystalizing, encapsulating pre-spray that slices through grease and soil. It was formulated to address the cleaning challenges when nothing else will get the job done.





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  • 4 Gallon Case


  • Unscented
  • Lemon
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