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Dirt Axe

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Grime Cutting Cost Saver

Dirt Axe” has exceptional grease cutting power and cleansing action. It penetrates, breaks up and emulsifies the oily film that binds dirt particles to carpet fibers. Its grease & oil cutting power is accomplished without petroleum distillates, butyl, enzymes or phosphates. Dirt Axe is more than 99.8% readily biodegradable at use dilution.

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+ Very Cost Effective!   
+ Bonnet/Pad Cleaner
+ Hot Water Extraction Detergent
+ Traffic Lane Cleaner
+ Low foam & pH safe for Stain Resist Carpet
+ Advanced surfactant technology
+ No alcohols, butyls, terpenes, etc.
+ Contains "Corrosion Inhibitors"
+ No sticky residue to attract dirt
+ Environmentally friendly
+ Light pleasant scent
+ Dries to an encapsulating film




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