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Salt Eraser

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Encapsulating Salt Stain Remover

Salt Eraser is an aggressive, encapsulating pre-spray that quickly dissolves salt & grime so that it can be easily removed with low moisture carpet cleaning systems. It was carefully formulated to address the challenges of removing tracked in salt melt and grime on synthetic commercial carpet. It is a perfect combination of Low pH, aggressive surfactant technology and encapsulating polymer.

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  1. Very Cost Effective!
  2. Removes ugly Salt Stains and grime like nothing else.
  3. Penetrates and emulsifies the sticky film that binds dirt to carpet fibers.
  4. Pleasant strawberry scent.
  5. Forms an encapsulating film upon drying.
  6. Freeze-Thaw stable.
  7. Virtually Indefinite Shelf Life.




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