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Stain & Wicking Preventive

Reappearing stains are usually caused by sticky residues that are insufficiently removed when the carpet is cleaned. Through capillary action, these residues wick up from the carpets backing and attract more dirt and soil.  HALT is an after cleaning treatment that dries sticky or soapy residue into a fine powder that is easily removed during routine vacuuming.

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How To Use

  • Test all carpeting in an inconspicious area for color fastness before applying any product.
  • Apply undiluted HALT to any carpeted areas where stains have reappeared in the past. Also apply it to areas where stains are likely to reappear after cleaning (i.e., areas where spills have occurred from substances such as soft drinks, coffee, detergents, etc).
  • Application rate should be approximately one ounce per square foot of area to be treated.
  • After the carpet is completely dry, the treated areas should be vacuumed thoroughly with an upright vacuum cleaner equipped with a beater bar. Most of the time this can be accomplished by the customer through routine vacuuming procedures.
  • See product label and MSDS for cautions, additional information and instructions.




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