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The Phoenix MX

The Phoenix MX

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Our Most Popular OP Model!

The Phoenix is versatile and highly effective for cleaning carpet, tile and grout, wood, and more. Includes an on-board sprayer. The Trinity Phoenix is a “Game Changer” when it comes to VLM (Very Low Moisture) cleaning machines. The “Tri-Directional” agitation process provides unmatched cleaning ability and is very easy for the operator to maneuver. The Trinity’s cleaning action offers simultaneously, a rotary action, an orbital or oscillating action and a tamping action which provides a very thorough agitation to all parts of the fiber. The Trinity Phoenix, combined with your favorite encapsulation chemistry allows you to clean with very low moisture at high production rates in all commercial and residential applications.

One Year Warranty - Parts & Labor.

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  • Aggressive agitation allows for easy suspension of soils
  • VLM cleaning provides excellent results and typically dries in less than one hour
  • Helps stand fibers up during cleaning
  • Uses less moisture and recovers efficiently, eliminating wicking
  • Faster Cleaning
  • Faster set-up and tear down
  • Not uncommon to clean upwards of 5,000 sq. ft. per hour depending on soiling condition
  • Very secure in sensitive environments as you can lock all doors while cleaning
  • 1 HP Dual Capacitor Industrial Motor
  • Locking Lever Handle
  • 18” Head w/ 16” Pad Driver, made of structurally durable composite
  • 10” Wheels
  • Handle on bell for easy load/unload
  • 117 Pounds

The 3 motions of the Phoenix MX machines means more thorough agitation, quicker cleaning, and a total stripping of soils from the fibers.  No other OP machine offers the return on investment which enables you to earn more profit for your efforts than any other machine on the market today.