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High Flow Extraction with Dial-A-Mix Pre-Spray System.

Boasting three times the cleaning power and up to four times the water flow of a traditional truck mount, along with the benefit of weighing only 31.5 pounds, the Steamin Demon machine provides a quick, thorough clean with minimum hassle.  Our patented high flow portable carpet extractors are guaranteed to be the most powerful portable carpet cleaning machines in the world. Whether you're cleaning carpets in residential, schools, universities, health care, or an entire building, our professional carpet cleaning machines can do the job.

*Standard Pump outputs up to 150 ft. Dual Discharge Pump outputs up to 450 ft.

One Year Warranty - Parts & Labor



Cleans 200% more soil than truck mounts in half the time.


Portable and only weighs in at 31.5 lbs.


Flushes the carpet with 3-4 times the amount of water.


Carpets are dry in under 2 hours.


Fraction of the cost of a traditional truck mount unit.



Price: $3,250.00
Weight: 31.5 lbs.
Prespray System: 33 ft. Pressure Hose with Dial-A-Mix Sprayer
Vacuum Motor: Vortex, 13.4 amp max, 124" H2O, 114 CFM
Discharge Pump: 2 amp, 5.5 gpm
Cleaning Path: 14.5 inches
Water Flow: 3-4 gpm
Defoaming System: Toggle Activated Valve
Water Filtration: Stainless Steel filters
Handle Height: 34 inches
Amperage: 13.7 amps, 110V
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
Versatility: Walk behind
Dual Discharge Option: Yes
Stair/Furniture Tool Attachment Available: Yes
Each machine comes standard with: 50 ft. section supply & drain hose with power cord, 33 ft. pre-spray hose with Dial A Mix pre spray applicator, 5 sink fittings, tote caddy, lip hook, extra butterfly handle, and garden hose washer.


  • The Red hose indicates high flow of clean water to machine.
  • Black hose indicates return of dirty water to drain at sink.
  • It's all automatic, eliminates filling and dumping and is... so easy!

The Steamin Demon can handle 150 ft. to 450 ft. of hose. Dual Discharge Pump is recommended when exceeding 150ft in hose length. The most unique quality of Steamin Demon Extractors are their ability to remove the cleaning water back out of the carpet while extracting. In fact, the Steamin Demon's water recovery rate is so high that drying times of an hour or less is not uncommon. The reason for this is simple, the vacuum motor is located within inches of the carpet. The short distance between the vacuum motor and the carpet allows Steamin Demon Extractors to channel much more vacuum force to the carpet.

RESULT: Quick, thorough water recovery resulting in fast drying times.

A second unique quality of the Steamin Demon Extractors is its high flow of cleaning water. The Steamin Demon's superior water recovery system has allowed us to tremendously increase the amount of cleaning water used in the extraction process. It's The High Flow of cleaning water that allows the Steamin Demons to clean faster and remove more residue than previously thought possible.

Steamin Demon Extractors use 3-4 times the amount of cleaning water during the extraction process than other portable extractors. This gives Steamin Demon Extractors by far the highest water-flow rate ever used in a portable extractor.

FACT: In the extraction process, when you increase water flow you increase soil removal. More importantly, the amount of soil removed during extraction is directly proportional to the amount of contaminates removed. These contaminates include: Odor Causing Bacteria, Fungal Spores such as Mildew, Dust Mites, Allergens, Viruses, etc.

RESULT: When you use Steamin Demon Extractors, you greatly increase both the quality of cleaning and the health of the indoor environment.

A third unique quality of the Steamin Demon Extractors is its Automatic In-line Prespray System. Each machine comes with 33 ft. of prespray hose. This hose attaches to the machine on one end and has a Mix Applicator on the other end. To Prespray carpet all you have to do is aim and squeeze the Prespray Applicator.

RESULT: Eliminate both the Mixing of Chemicals and pump sprayers.

A fourth quality of the Steamin Demon Extractors is their weight. The absence of large holding and recovery tanks make Steamin Demon much lighter than other walk behind extractors. Steamin Demon Extractors weigh at 31 to 36 lbs. which is a forth less than the "other guys".

RESULT: Lightweight, well-ensgineered designs provide excellent manenuverability, easy on the back and extremely user friendly.

The unbelievable Steamin Demon High flow extraction machines are the lightest and easiest to use full fledged portable extractors made today.

They will out perform any other portable extractor and give results that will rival any truck mount unit. The most unique quality of Steamin Demon Extractors is their ability to remove the cleaning water back out of the carpet while extracting. In fact, the Steamin Demon's water recovery rate is so high that drying times of an hour or less is not uncommon. The reason for this is simple, the vacuum motor is located within inches of the carpet

The Steamin Demon's unique, patented vacuum system is able to provide extremely strong vacuum because of it's high efficiency. It only needs to lift water 8 inches (compared to 3 to 4 feet for the typical walk-behind extractor, and at least 25 feet for a box-and-wand extractor, and 100’s of feet for a truck mount). The further a vacuum system must lift and pull water the less efficient it will be.

From minor damages such as toilet and sink overflows, to major water pipe breaks, the Steamin Demon is a highly effective flood extraction tool. Since it continually pumps the recovered water directly down a drain, there's no need to stop and dump a waste tank, saving time, enhancing worker safety, and preventing more extensive property damage.

How is High Flow Extraction Different

The defining performance characteristics of the Steamin Demon are the high volume of water it delivers to the cleaning process (3 to 4 gallons per minute, 4 to 8 times as much as other portable extractors) and more than most truck mount units, with a highly efficient vacuum system capable of extracting 94% or more of the water. The result is a cleaning system that delivers higher rates of soil removal and quicker drying times. In fact, the Steamin Demon solves the over-wetting problems commonly associated with conventional HTW extractors. In three documented commercial field tests, the Steamin Demon:

  • cleaned faster
  • reduced labor costs
  • removed more soil
  • removed soil more efficiently

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