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Deep Scrub

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Deep Scrub is the first line of defense in preparing a well worn or dirty laminate, wood, or vinyl floor as well as a new floor, for the process of restoration. This ready to use liquid is specifically designed to get in and do a deep and thorough cleaning; easily removing oils, factory dirt and grime. It is also perfect for removing any previously used products from the floor. Using this deep scrubbing cleaner also allows the Restorer Finish to properly adhere to the surface of the floor; you'll never get any peeling!

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Directions For Use

  1. Mist onto floor. Using a cloth micro-fiber mop spread evenly and allow 3 minutes to sit.
  2. Agitate with mild scrub pad.
  3. Mop up solution using a cloth micro-fiber mop.
  4. Use little cold water and rinse floor 2-3 times to insure no solution is left on floor.
  5. Repeat steps above if needed.

Coverage Rate: Quart - 800 sq. ft. \ Gallon - 3200 sq. ft.


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