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Orbital Micro Brushes (set of 2)

Orbital Micro Brushes (set of 2)

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Set of Brushes for the Orbital Stair / Upholstery Tool.

Brush Types

Aqua Brush
Ideal for commercial stairs and carpet. Featuring medium crimped bristles for a gentle yet thorough cleaning, each brush kneads and vibrates loose any soil or debris.

White Brush
Our must-have brush. Designed for more vigorous cleaning, it is recommended for floor pads and more durable carpets. It is stiffer and less giving, but more heavy duty when compared to the Aqua Brush.

Gray Brush  
Ideal for delicate surfaces. Each bristle is “flagged”, a technique that splits ends into multiple fine tips. Safe to use on headliners, leather, and other more fragile upholstery, and natural fiber fine carpets.

Black Brush  
Our most aggressive brush and provides exceptional scrubbing power on tough surfaces. Ideal for cleaning tile and grout, stone floors, and truck bed liners.
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