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Booster & Activator

Boosting, activating and stain removing componenet that is a proprietary mixture of aqueous Hydrogen Peroxide. When used with one of our encapsulation cleaners it produces a whitening or brightening effect without the use of optical brighteners. When used as directed, it is safe on stain resist and synthetic fibers (not for use on natural fibers.)

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When added to other cleaners, this combination makes an oxidizing cleaning system that delivers outstanding cleaning results, remarkable stain removal and odor control that is simply not possible in a one component product. It is especially effective at removing organic staining and petroleum based soiling (Excellent for Restaurants).


  • Brighten fibers through the release of the excess oxygen atom in peroxide.
  • Remove many organic stains such as those caused by soda, coffee, tea or red wine spills.
  • Remove urine stains and the associated odor.

Other things to know

  • Excess heat, light or contamination will cause deterioration of the peroxide and the container can swell or rupture because of the excess oxygen that has been released.
  • Its stain removing benefit will be at a peak in the very last minutes of drying. It tries to hold on to the extra atom of oxygen for as long as possible. Then it is forced to release the extra atom of oxygen in the final stage of drying to create the oxidizing, stain removing effect.




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edward m.
Great service and price

Overall experience was great! I will be using them for all my cleaning chem needs.