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Lamanator Plus

Neutral Flooring Cleaner

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Lamanator Plus Flooring Cleaner is for you to sell to your customer. It is the perfect cleaner for your customers. It will keep their floors looking new all the time. It makes cleaning their floors so easy and helps maintain that showroom shine. Selling these to your customer not only makes you extra money it gives you a residual income. It also keeps you in contact with your customer. When they run out of Floor Cleaner they will call you for more.

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Directions For Use

  1. Sweep the floor.
  2. Mist Floor Cleaner & Revitalizer onto floor.
  3. Clean using a damp or dry cloth.
  4. Protect all floors with coasters of felts.
Coverage Rate: Quart - 2500 sq. ft. \ Gallon - 10,000 sq. ft.


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