Double Trouble Comparison Chart

The chart is based on cleaning only 3000 sq. ft. per day, 260 days per year. Of course, if you clean much more you will save much more!

It is also based on cleaning approx 300 sq. ft. per gallon of ready to use product. In the real world this is usually 200 – 400 sq. ft. For calculation purposes, we chose 300 for the average.

For the average cost of most crystallizing encaps, we chose to go low. In the real world the average is usually a bit more.

Cost per Gal Oz per Gal of water # of RTU Gals will make Cost per RTU Gal Total SF Coverage Per RTU Gal 9300 SF per gallon)
Average for Most Encaps $46.00 4 32 $1.44 9600 Half as many SQ $4.79
Double Trouble $69.50 2 64 $1.09 19200 Twice as many SQ $3.62

The Bottom Line?

Better cleaning results with HALF the amount of product!

For the same amount of sq. ft. coverage, the shipping cost is approx ONE HALF as much!